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      Carmela Cirrito was born in Brooklyn NY on April 26th 1984.  At the age of 4, her talent was discovered by her parents.  She started her singing and voice acting career at the age of 7.  Filled with ambition, her mother had made phone calls after phone calls to agents and managers all over New York.  Broadway was the goal she had set for her daughter.  She had finally reached the right person to have Carmela audition and possibly be casted as a voice over actress and singer for an off Broadway production.  As soon as the audition ended, Mella was casted as Clara for the production of "The Nut Cracker" at age 8.  This was the first big production she was ever casted for.  Her career took off right after the recording of "The Nut Cracker".  Pepsi had casted her as one of the voices to sing the Pepsi jingle in 1994.  The commercial featured the actor Michael Richards, also known as Kramer from the show Seinfeld.  She has accomplished many things as a child up until her early teens and was nicknamed "The golden voice".  She is now blooming more and more in the field of music and voice acting.  Her release of her first CD titled "Mella", features songs written and composed by her great friend Polo Cortes.  He had also written a beautiful musical, "Antarctic Tales" and will be released along with Mella's CD as well.  Both CD's will be for sale only through this website.  She has made great friends who supported her talent and she feels as though God has blessed her with these people to help her ambition grow.  "Thank you to all of the wonderful friends I have made on YouTube especially.  You all are so wonderful and you are all a blessing.  I love all of my viewers and those of you who consider yourselves as fans; you are all such beautiful people.  Thank you to all of my family and close friends who have loved me forever, especially my parents and my sisters.  God has a special place of thanks.  He is the first I will always thank for eternity for the talents, family and friends he has blessed me with.  Jesus is my life and I sing and live for him."

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